So let’s tell you about the clean tea company..

All tea is hand packed on site here in the Uk. 

Our packaging is Eco friendly biodegradable no plastic all plant based packaging the tea itself is organic & the teabags are cruelty free silk made of a corn based starch which along with the packaging can be recycled you simply place it on a compost heap once used and watch it give back to Mother Nature within 12-24 months it will turn to gas & water giving nutrients to soils & plants

All Natural, As Nature Intended

Typically the paper used to make teabags contains Epichlorohydrin

Epichlorohydrin is a dangerous little bugger. According to Dow Chemical (who is the largest producer of this substance): Epichlorohydrin has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. ... “The substance should be regarded as if it is carcinogenic to man.